Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Tidbits will be a collection of short thoughts that come into my mind, which I may or may not expand upon at a later date. I'll try to have one monthly Tidbit section and update as I think up more things.

What's in a Name?
My blog is called "This is Just a Test". Is it referring to my views on life? Does it refer to this blog being just a test? Am I testing my skills? I dunno. It just sounded good at the time.

Bribery works. It doesn't matter if you call it bribery or positive reinforcement, it works. Except bribery doesn't sound as good.

I hope you dance.
If you want your child to dance, you must show them how.

Take naps.
It helps prevent grouchiness.

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Mr. Pendous said...

Dance for no reason. If he asks why you're dancing, say you just feel like it. Don't show him the steps or explain any movements. He'll probably eventually mimic you and move whenever you do.

Soon enough, he'll do it at random times. But they will not be random... it will be when his spirit is moved to do it. He will learn to use his body to express himself.

Okay, maybe not, but doesn't it seem like a sound theory?