Monday, September 25, 2006

Damn you Data Miners!

WTH?! Until yesterday, I did not even know there was such a thing as data miners. In fact, when my husband first explained it to me, I thought he said data MinDers. Which would make equal sense, because data miners dig for dirt on you, so in a sense they are minding your data.

I know! More big brother.

It's not enough that we have to use a card for every gorcery/pharmacy store we shop in. It's not enough we get our photo taken on the street or voices are now streaming over these video cameras in parts of the world to tell us to get off our bicycles or pick up trash.

We are being monitored while we are on the net.

Maybe I am just very naive or computer illiterate, but it never occured to me. Apparently, all it takes is for you to click onto a website. Then... BINGO! BANGO! If they have a data miner set up, they can track what you do, where you go on the web.

Now I am sure most of these data miners are innocuous, just collecting generic info to help companies with marketing and the like. BUT, these things work like viruses, getting into your computer. And it does seem like a sneaky, shady thing to do, all without our knowledge. Insiduous. (I'm liking the big "I" words rolling off my tongue. Insiduous. Innocuous. Try it!)

So, I'm doing my best to limit these miners. I'm cutting down the time I spend at certain sites. I'm making sure I search for data miners after I visit a site and eliminating it (for those as novice as I am, you need a program to do this). I'm keeping myself alert.

The idea of people getting information about me is disconcerting. (Thank God I no longer visit those XXX sites! Boy, would my face be red!) And these miners do have the potential to gain more personal information from you than you expect.

You have been warned.

I wish I could go back to just enjoying the net as innocently as before.

Damn you Data Miners!


Alwyn said...

Nevermind my question about not knowing what they are. Well, I still don't really know, but your blog was enlightening. I'll have to ask around more.

I may have had a recent run in with this. Somebody logged onto my clinic server, used the internet, and the next day some porn site was my home page. It was very embarrassing because I look like the obvious culprit. However, I don't use that computer and I wasn't even here that day. Still embarrassing though. The site involved dogs and stuff. Really sick stuff.

Lisa said...

Wow, so my spyware ain't worth a Carbon Rich Aggregate Particle? How scary. But you know, I am naive. I keep thinking what are the chances they'll find little old me? I enjoy your writing and your discoveries about your son, but moreso, about yourself! I will cheer you on to accomplish your goal, woman. Don't be afraid. Even your trash is our read, that is. :)

Mr. Pendous said...

Are you insinuating... no... intimating that you are an individual with incongruous idiosyncracies? Introducing oneself to illustrative illicit imagery? Impossible!

Immediate instinct: Irreversible irreverance? Ick! Impressed, I.