Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's Weird?

We all have either seen it or heard about it. Asian tourists (usually Japanese) taking pictures of our everyday items like it was a major attraction... in front of McDonald's and lots of other seemingly silly objects to us.

This past weekend, we ate lunch at a foodcourt which served Japanese food. My husband pointed out something that was a first for me. Living in the United States, it was something I had never seen before. An American was eating Japanese food. (Okay, not that!) It was the sight of the American taking a picture of their food. It was not octopus legs (which is delicious by the way). It wasn't raw fish. It was just regular Japanese food! You know, tempura, rice, some veggies.

I just found it to be an odd sight. Is it just me? Have you ever seen someone taking pictures of their food in a Japanese restaurant or other establishment in the USA? Even when I ordered Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time (and being Japanese), I was not tempted to take a photograph.

Which made me wonder, which was weirder?

These Japanese tourists or these Americans?

Or maybe me for even thinking about this further and choosing to blog about it?!

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Mr. Pendous said...

I'm guessing it was a foodie who blogs his eating experiences. I've seen blogs where people, who usually live in the same city/community, post entries when they eat out. Basically, it becomes an archive of restaurant reviews. Each review includes a photo (or series of photos) of what you ate.