Friday, September 22, 2006

Blogger World Here I come!

Hello there! Here I am, a virtual newbie. I recently began blogging on Monday at another site. I have blogged exactly 4 times. Then it hit me. I really love blogging. And I wanted to blog more openly. So here I am.

I'm still trying to figure most of this out as I go. I'm surfing the net. I'm reading other people's blogs. There are so many different blogs out there. Informative. Creative. Angry. And many are just too darn funny. I find I am enjoying myself as I read about your thoughts, your trials and tribulations.

So what am I doing here? Don't expect great literature here. My main objective is to simply write. Write whatever is on my mind. I'm sure the topics will be varied. I'm sure the genres will vary. I'm a writer that hasn't written, so here I am. I'm hoping to find my voice.

A writer must write. I've mostly written under the covers in my never to see the light of day journals. Personal renderings which more often than not find their way into the trash, carefully ripped so no one will ever know my innermost thoughts and feelings. Which, unfortunately, will never get me to my ultimate goal of getting published. I hope doing this blog will help stimulate my creativity. I hope it will get me over my fears of my writing inadequacies. A tall order, I'm sure. Blogging make me braver!

I will try to write as often as I can. I know from my past I can be quite a determined person. I have to make this one of my priorities. I need to think of this as taking care of me, taking care of another important but much neglected part of me. This is one more thing I need to do to stay healthy. I need to eat right, exercise and write.

Please comment. I think it will help me stay motivated and keep my creativity flowing. I do promise to try to get better at this!

Happy Reading!

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Mr. Pendous said...

So, in case you haven't noticed yet...

I'm reading your blog from the beginning forward. I gotta get to work now though. Will continue at another time.