Friday, October 06, 2006


I thought this whole concept of blogging was foreign to me. What the hell is blogging anyway? Yes, it was a word I actually had to "google". I googled this word more than any other. Many, many times. I would read the definition. Think, "okay". And then I would forget. The media would talk about blogging and I'd be back googling.

(Blogging. Googling. What words we've created. More on word creations in later blog.)

But as I go through my old short stories, I realize I've been blogging all along.

So just what is a blog? According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, a blog is "an online personal journal with reflections, comments".

Ahhhh! A journal. Reflections. Comments.

The only difference between then and now? I can journal on the computer and potentially millions could be reading this instead of just me. (Okay, I know there is like 3 of you reading this but I did say potentially! Leave me with a few illusions!)

Did I happen to mention I love to blog? Blogging is freeing for me, in more ways than I can express. I think great things, the best things, have come out from my blogging.

I started writing again. Poems, reflections, preserving my memories.

I've started writing something for my son to read.

I've been wanting to write to him, for him, since before he was born. I want him to know of his mother's love for him, her pride in him. I want him to know how special he is and what a joy and a privilege it is being his mother. I want him to know who his mother was, who she really was. What hopes and dreams his mother may have had. Her trials and tribulations. All the things that she may never have the courage to openly discuss... except in this forum.

And I know by doing this, he will learn more about me, see more of me, more than we normally share with our children. I will become more than mom, more than his father's wife. I will become a whole person. And perhaps, one day, he will not only be proud to call me mom but also friend.

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kim said...

ding ding. that is what it is all about. :-)