Monday, October 09, 2006

Random Acts of Kindess

Can it be truly random if you purposefully do an act of kindess?

I entered the grocery store today. When you enter, the checkout lines are right in front. As I rounded the corner heading for the produce area, I see a lady putting her groceries on the conveyor belt. I see she happens to have a box of Weight Watcher's cereal. It just so happens I was feeling ambitious the last few days and had finished reorganizing my coupons. I grabbed my coupon binder, (yes, I decided a binder would help me find and use these coupons more) and after a quick search located my Weight Watcher coupon. I proceeded to ask the lady if she could benefit from it and handed over the dollar savings.

Then in the store, I over hear a haole gentleman asking an employee if they had pickled ginger. I assumed she didn't know since the conversation was brief and they were not in the correct area. So later, I hunted the man down, debated the whole time about if I should just leave the poor guy alone and mind my own business, but decided if I found him I would talk to him. Of course I found him and gave him my 2 cents about where he could find pickled ginger... which was not in this store.

And then I was soon in the car driving home, thinking about blogging this. I thought it would be incomplete and I was trying to come up with a third act of kindness since you really need 3 to make things sound better. I was thinking, well, I redecorated my son's room (but I didn't count that since it was more guilt than anything since I should have done it last week). As I typed this I remembered, I did do a random act. And I truly hope it is the kind of random act that will inspire you to do one as well. On my way out of the store, I donated money.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I know too many people who have had their lives forever changed by breast cancer. If you haven't done so, please think about donating. Why? Because it is important. Because it can and will help. And if that's not enough, because I damn well told you to!

So to go back to my question: Can it be truly random if you purposefully do an act of kindess? I don't think it matters. Just do it. Thank you.

I think of you. I miss you. You are my sister in all the ways that count. This is for you. You know who you are.

Forever she will be

in my thoughts.
Just as your life has changed
so has mine
because you touched me.


kim said...

Interesting! I guess they aren't so random, after all!

Misha said...

I'm waiting for your blog! Bees and seizures and gum in purses... You are too funny not to be blogging!

Anonymous said...

thanks, you help me find peace.