Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quality Care

Los Angeles made the news.

For dumping patients on Skid Row.


Homeless patients leave hospitals in ambulances and taxi cabs and are mysteriously dropped off on Skid Row. Sometimes against their will. Sometimes just wearing a hospital gown.

Even Kaiser Permanente is guilty of this.

All that comes to mind is "What the hell?!"

This is not the America I am proud of.


Alwyn said...

Doesn't surprise me about kaiser permanente. HMOs are about the most evil thing about our society. Health care in America is almost an oxymoron when it comes to dealing with insurance claims. If the insurance company won't pay for their care, nobody else will. Therefore, care providers are forced to drop them (or drop them off, in this case) or else they run the risk of losing their jobs. When it comes to health care, America is definitely not a country to emulate.

Misha said...

Yep! Sad!