Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Silver and Gold

When I was a young girl, I was a Campfire Girl, a Brownie, and a Girl Scout. Somewhere along the line, I learned a song that I have not forgotten to this day.

"Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."

I have been very fortunate, through the marvel of the internet, to get reconnected with my college buddies. These are people that I spent a good majority of my time with for 4 years. It was an incredible 4 years. You think your college years were great? Trust me. You had nothing on us!

Now you may find it strange to hear most of us were biology majors. So the place of choice to hang out was the lab. And as geeky as that may sound, all the cool kids hung out at the lab. It was the place to be on Friday nights. We brought the beer and pupus. We had our own acoustic band.

We danced and sang together.
We camped and slept together.
We studied hard and played hard.

Mostly we laughed together.

Then, time got in the way. We graduated. We got scattered across the globe. We lost touch.

Some 12 years later, I've found them again. We've been bringing to life our dormant memories. We've been learning about who we have become.

The guy I remembered always smelling his food before he ate it (and who asked why are we leaving the beach when it just started raining and now we have the beach to ourselves) is now an orthopedic surgeon.

The crazy fun loving red head is a mother of 2 AND doing CSI DNA stuff in the east coast.

The stud muffin hickey man is a principal and raising his relative's kids as a single father.

The cute ex-football player is a chiropracter in Texas (and thank you for reading my blog and being so supportive! I always knew you had great taste... most of the time!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting).

The gorgeous one is dating a MLB player and enjoys singing in a band.

How did this end up sounding like something from the Breakfast Club?

I guess that would make me the "brain"?! Well, I'm at home teaching my little guy to make it to the potty on time and the joys of bribery when we're successful! I'm also the one writing this blog (in case some of you have trouble keeping track!).

I guess the whole point of all of this is this... don't lose track of your friends, because it sure is hard to find something once it's lost.

Or how about... treasure what you have because you may not have it forever.

Wow! They both sound pretty sad and depressing.

Let's just end with...

"Make new friends but keep the old."

Most amazing for me is to discover that my old friends have turned into people I would be proud to call my friends today.


Alwyn said...

I guess I would agree that you ARE the brain out of the group. It's kinda cool to think about the group of people we were around and what we are now doing with our lives. I give many thanks for my experiences at Chaminade. Even the funny guy that smelled his food and all his goofiness that's now an orthopedic surgeon. That's so awesome! I'm so proud of that guy! That cute guy did well for himself, it sounds like :-) Everyone is special. The gorgeous one is responsible for bringing us all together again. (I hear she comes from a great family!) The professors were the best! So many memories of a great time. This was a good blog. Not so much that I know about a lot of the people you mentioned. Who's the hickey guy? Ha! Keep blogging. This is good reading. In the spirit of The Breakfast Club, I really must be getting back to work now.

kim said...

so good that you keep in touch! they sound like an amazing group. i'm certain that your role is much more than helping your little one get to the potty. you are quite an inspiring individual!

Mr. Pendous said...

The funny thing is...

the orthopedist can diagnose a torn ACL from a bad sprain JUST FROM THE SMELL!

See. Bachi you guys made fun.

Talent, brah, talent.

Damn, it's late. Sorry M, if I'm ruining your blog.