Monday, October 23, 2006

Just Breathe

My son has asthma.

I discovered this on Friday when I took him back to the doctor's office. We had gone on Thursday because he had a cold and labored breathing. He received a breathing treatment and was given a prescription for liquid albuterol syrup. I brought him back on Friday for his recheck. I was told the syrup albuterol was not working too well. He received another breathing treatment and I would need a nebulizer for home. And an inhaler.

My son has asthma.

I spent Friday and Saturday running to all the pharmacies and medical supply stores in the area looking for accessories for the new nebulizer such as a pediatric face mask. I've come to the conclusion that some pharmacies and supply stores have idiots working there. My unit has a rectangular mouth piece. Most masks have a circular attachment. I can't tell you how many times I had to convince someone "A circle does not fit into a..." ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! Idiots!

No offense to you if you do not fit in this catagory. I did say "some."

So I finally ordered through one company that seems competent.

And now, after the hectic weekend of going hither and yon, after round the clock treatments every 6 hours, after worrying and worrying as only a mother can do, I've decided it is my turn.

I'm having a moment. Slowly.

Just breathe.


kim said...

I am glad you found the source of your son's problems. This can be managed! I'm sure you will be reading, reading, reading all about it in the weeks to come.

Alwyn said...

Must be a Monday thing. I clicked on the BMI link and it told me that I'm borderline obese. I'll admit that I'm not exactly the skinniest guy that I know, but obese? It's kind of depressing. It's funny at the same time, though. According to the traditional height/weight tables, I've always been overweight.

Asthma isn't the end of the world. There are worse things your son can be diagnosed with. I'm sure you'll keep on researching and make sure that it's kept under control. You're just that kind of mom, I can tell.