Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hurry, Hurry! Eat Curry!

People in India eat curry. The United States has four times more cases of Alzheimer's than India. Coincidence? Maybe not.

According to an article in Reuters, 1010 Asians were studied. Their curry consumption was monitored along with results from the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE).

Improved MMSE scores were noted in even those who had low levels of curry consumption. The researchers believe that their study provides evidence of the link between curry and "cognitive performance". It may prove to be the key to preventing Alzheimer's.

Which may be why many engineers are coming from India.

So you may soon be saying to your children, "Put down the spinach. Hurry, Hurry! Eat Curry!"

But then again, look at all the ups and downs we've seen. DHEA, tofu... who really knows what's good for you or not? Just do like I do... tuck this away in the corner of your brain.

And eat some curry once in a while so you won't forget it.

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Alwyn said...

I remember reading something about this a while back. It has something to do with the main ingredient/spice that they use to make curry being a serious antioxidant, particularly protective of the brain. Yeah, curry would be something one should consider considering more of. You should probably eat some for dinner so that you don't have some funky breath that might be a little strong to be walking around the office with after lunch.