Monday, October 02, 2006

Heaven (or the next best thing)

Have you ever been to Ikea? Pronounced eye-key-ah! Yes, the Swedish furniture store. We just went this weekend. It was heaven!

I'm serious. Why else would I blog about Ikea?

Now, I am not talking about the furniture they sell or their other items (and they do sell quite a bit... from beds to fridges to hand puppets... and don't forget the meatballs). I'm talking about the bathrooms! More specifically the public "family" bathroom!

Since my son had to go, we went into the family bathroom. Oh my God! I was in heaven. I know, it sounds weird but bathrooms are really important to mommies.

First it was so spacious. It was clean (at least to my naked eye). Nice comfy chairs inside. There was an itty bitty toilet (soooo "make you melt" darling!) and sink. There was an adult sized toilet with a separate stall if you want privacy from your family. On the back of the door to the adult bathroom was a chair. You could sit your baby on the chair and securely buckle them in. They did have a changing table and a place for table liners... AND it was actually stocked with table liners! I've never been in a restroom that actually had table liners! PLUS, on top of all that, they had diapers! If you needed a diaper, they had extras for you to use! All that just for us?! Pinch me quick! Talk about kid friendly! I swear it was a mommy's dream!

Okay, so maybe mom's dream is a little bigger than tiny flushers, but still, it was pretty amazing.

I highly recommend you check it out. Really. It's like Disneyland. You gotta see it at least once in your lifetime. Go. It's well worth the trip. And make sure you bring a kid with you. People may look at you odd if you walk out without a child in tow. Your own, preferably.


Alwyn said...

I've never been to an Ikea yet. One opened up in the DFW area not too long ago. I'm actually glad that it's about an hour away from me. If it were closer, I'd probably be buying stuff from it regularly. I hear great things about the place. I also heard about the meatballs from another guy. Kinda funny you mention them. They must be awesome!

Mr. Pendous said...

The costumer for the first show I did in Hawaii now sets up displays for IKEA in SoCal. So she may very well have had a part in it!

Small world!

Well... not really. At least, not this time.