Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some Been There, Done That & Not

I caught a chameleon in Saudi Arabia.
I have eaten pizza in Greece.
I drank cappuccino in Italy and coconut juice in Malaysia.
I have visited the Mauna Kea Observatory.
I jet skied in Papua New Guinea.
I saw the battlefields of Virginia.
I shot an AK-47 in Pennsylvannia.
I road Space Mountain in Florida.
I bought a rug in Tijuana.
I have ridden the subway in New York.
I have had my haircut in Hong Kong.
I have seen where Shakespeare lived and Robin Hood's domain.
I have watched Colin Raye, Alan Jackson, and Bon Jovi in concert.
I saw a beluga whale in Washington.
I have ridden a camel in Saudi Arabia, an elephant in Thailand, and horse in Egypt (and gotten thrown in Canada).

I have not seen Garth Brooks in concert.
I have not skiied (water nor snow).
I have not sky dived.
I have not learned how to drive a motorcycle or a stick shift.
I have not published a book or even written my name in snow.
I have not dyed my hair with koolaid.
I have not visited Japan (but I have been inside the airport).

I started this list because I did not know what to write about today. But as I wrote I discovered I have done a good number of things. Different things. I guess it shows me that my life has indeed been rich with experiences. I am full of "haves".

Remember your haves.


kim said...

I will try to do that more often! Great thought.

Are you going to check all of the things off your have not list? Will you do them one day?

Alwyn said...

I saw the battlefield where
Custer died. Does that count? I sat next to a guy on a plane that was carrying lava rock from the Big Island to Oahu...crazy haole! I rode a horse in Montana and was scared shitless! I have been to a number of concerts. However, at my last one, I've never seen so many girls flashing boobs or panties. Country concerts are the coolest. I have not, nor ever will go skiing or sky diving. I have gone scuba diving in Honduras. I have been backstage at a cirq de soleil (spelling?) as an acrobat tried to impress my friend. What a freak!

Misha said...

It all counts and it's all good! I don't have a list to check off so to speak, but these are all on the top if I did have a list (except for the name in snow thing).

The Garth Brooks in concert solely depends on if Garth does another concert and if I hear about it in time. If so, I am there whether it be in LA, NYC, or Timbuktu. It has been a good ride!