Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A little good news?

On the news last night was a missing child report. The good news was the child was found.

Here's what apparently happened.

This child was about 5 years old. He had been picked up from "school" by the babysitter.

The problem?

The babysitter picked up the wrong kid! So this kid was "missing" for about 5 hours before the babysitter realized the mistake. The kid was brought back.

So this raised some questions in my head.

Can anyone say "new babysitter"? How do you not recognize the kid you are babysitting? This kid was old enough that you should have been able to tell this was the wrong kid!

And can anyone say "school security"? Apparently, someone at the "school" said the child who was taken was seen talking to the babysitter as if he knew them so no one stopped them from leaving the school together. Oh my freaking God! What?!

Ummm. "New school"?

I remember when I was checking out potential preschools for my son I had asked about security. I knew that at this particular place the kids played outside while parents came to pick them up. The answer I got was that there was an employee outside, and if they saw an adult they didn't recognize, the employee would go inside the building to get the supervisor to see if this was an approved person on the school grounds. So I thought...And by the time you get the supervisor for the okay, the person has taken a child and driven off! Great system.

So if you have school aged kids or know someone who does, pass along this story. We need to do what we can to keep our children safe.

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Anonymous said...

I am always amazed how some parents will protect their car from theft but will leave the most
precious being in the world unprotected. The schools could care less if your children are being picked up or have to walk home if no one comes for them. They only care after your child is taken and killed. Why is it that we demand changes only after something tragic happens. "Close the barn door after the horse escapes mentality".......When will we ever learn to safeguard our future.